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deseamos toda la stiuerte de muy bueno ya estÁ todo listo en austin para los premios este tÉ escaso q texas que contarÁ con artistas importantes, tony estÁ ahÍ acompaÑado con fe y. >>> seguro que sÍ, fey una de mis favoritas, me dice que es la primera vez que vienes a austin >>> asÍ es la primera vez, pero es un centro de la mÚsica vy va hacer unos dÍas muy especiales >>> hablaremos luego de este reportaje, este cuento mÁs temprano te invito esta noche a un puente sÍ le tienes miedo a los murciÉlagos hay peligro vamos a ver el reportaje. bienvenidos a la capital de la mucho signifÚsica en vivo austi muchos rÉgimen dan recomiendan llegar al verano, pero el primero despuÉs puente congreso un millÓn de murciÉlagos salen a buscar su e cena. y otro evento veraniego que a fra atraen muchos son los premios es texas producidos por un visiÓn 62, asÍ que los muerciÉlagos llegamos a los premios as tiust. son los premios mÁs importantes de la mÚsica texas, gloria trevi y fey son las estrellas mÁs esperadas que serÁn parte de los 26 musicales, rubÉn ro bledo es el productor y nos
desde allÍ bien acompaÑado mi querido tonny. >>>♪. >>> aquÍ estoy listo para premios texas, volvemos con mucho mÁs. >>> volvemos. >>> acabo. >>>♪. >>> . >>>♪. >>> bueno ya estÁ todo listo para premios texas contarÁn con grandes artistas y hasta allÍ viajÓ tonny para traernos todo los detalles y estÁ muy bien acompaÑado de mi querida fey. >>> tonny quÉ tal?. >>> claro que sÍ. >>> fey una de mis favoritas que estarÁ aquÍ en los premios. >>> me dice que la primera vez?. >>> sÍ. >>> pero estoy con mucha emociÓn porque me han dicho toda las maravilloas que hay aquÍ y es un centro de la mÚsica y va a ser muy especial para mÍ. >>> es la primera televs que hace en su regreso a la mÚsica, de esto estaremos hablando despuÉs del reportaje porque te voy a invitar a un puente si le tiene miedo a los murciÉlagos hay peligro. >>> vamos a ver esto primero. >>> bienvenidos a la capital de la mÚsica en vivo. austin texas. >>> visite y quedarÁ prendado de esta ciudad a los que muchos recomiendan llego ardurante el verano a pesar de las altas temperaturas, y hay dos motivos, el prim
will take it down another 0.15%. we are north of the 13th largest economy in the world in texas, so you have to remain competitive. if you want people to invest more, if you allow people to keep more of their money, we know as conservatives, they will either suspended or save it and invest, which is good for the county. we overhauled our worker compensation system. we have some of the highest rates in the nation as well as in the region. we revamped our system, moving from an antiquated system, moving to a new system that will essentially safe employers, people who create jobs, 15% to 20% on their premiums every year. people always say, stop talking about social problems. i think that is nonsense. you take every social issue known to man, whether it is high incarceration rates, drug and substance abuse issues -- i think they can all be traced to one key ingredient, and that is the breakdown of the family unit. this year in oklahoma we said we would do things to promote the family, going on a campaign to express why strong families are not as good for society, they are good for the economy, a
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that are very good. let's go to marty in texas. >> caller: a big boo-yah from dallas, texas. i love your show. >> dallas, huh. >> caller: i want to talk to you about tivo. we're disappointed when the losses came in, we lost $200 million. are you convinced that there are enough small or medium sized operators and they'll grow in this market? >> tivo doesn't interest me that much. i know this lawsuit, people are playing it, not playing it. i don't see a lot of growth in tivo. i know it's a value proposition but i like growth in technology. you know, maybe the company has a lot of growth. i don't see it. david in california. david? >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah from california, san diego. >> how are you? >> caller: i want to get your take. i'm doing good tonight. i want to get your take on rambus. >> another one i don't think much of. they don't have the kind of growth that i want, it's involved in a lot of lawsuits. no. may i suggest if you really want that channel, go to texas instruments. that'll be down tomorrow off of to cisco. you know what? buy cisco at 22, 23. we sold some higher. that's
in the texas panhandle. and a foggy start for the west coast. >> warmer than usual in boise, where temperatures will be close to 100. phoenix will be 107. highs around 80 from new york, d.c., chicago and detroit. they'll be in the mid-70s. >>> the postal service making more adjustments. what you should know before you mail your next package. >>> and new details in the kidnapping saga of hannah anderson. new details released overnight. >>> and a major breakthrough that is said to lower men's risk of getting prostate cancer. >>> and welcome back. the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is making more changes to take on rivals like fedex. the agency is now offering free online tracking for priority mail shipments, free insurance and date-specific delivery. the moves come as the postal service is reeling from losses this year, totalling $3.9 billion. >>> cisco systems is cutting 4,000 jobs. it's about 5% of the company's workforce. the job cuts come after weaker sales in japan, china and europe. >>> apple's struggling stock is starting to show signs of life. surpassing the $500 share mark for the fir
gas reduction and that's it, an unbundled rec from a wind farm in texas is going to lead to the same amount of carbon reduction as an unbundled rec from a wind farm in the delta or solar panel in san francisco. however, if your policy goals include local air issues, local job issues, economic development, then it does start to matter where the rec comes from. again, it doesn't necessarily matter if it's bundled or unbundled, but it does matter what type of resource it was associated with. that gets you to the california law, which it does apply to any cca that's created up to 33%. from that, the recs, there's three buckets in there, the two most important buckets are bucket 1 and bucket 3. bucket 1 says it has to be an unbundled or a bundled transaction from a facility that can deliver electricity in the california or located in the california. so, no unbundled rec in bucket 1. bucket 3 is unbundled recs and some other things in there, and the percentages that are attached to those over time, most importantly by 2020 no more than 10% of unbundled recs can be in that 33% procurement.
tell my washington colleagues, "everything's bigger in texas, but me." [laughter] if you can't see me, at least you can hear me. anyway, i was delighted to accept the invitation to speak before the bipartisan policy center for a couple reasons. number one, because of the outstanding work that you have done in the housing arena, and number two, i live about three miles from here, so it took me seven minutes to get here. the truth is as a fairly new chairman of a standing committee of congress, truth be known, i have a number of speaking invitations that come my way, a lot of press interested in speaking to me, but i assure you i don't have to work to remain humble, but because i have a lot of speaking invietnamese-americanation, i accept a number of them, and at this home i have three miles from here, that two months ago i was working on one of those speeches after dinner, and my wife, who helps keep me humble, comes into my study and says, "okay, in washington you may be mr. chairman, but in dallas, you're mr. dishwasher, and they are not getting any cleaner." i took my wife's subtle
from south dakota all the way down to texas. of course we'll keep an eye on that. let's head back to the studio. >>peter: it's a summer camp like you've never seen, teaching kids about the role of law enforcement. anna is here with the story. >> i headed to upstate new york where the sherrifs association has been holding a camp for kids for the past 25 years. the raising of the flag, a patriotic start for the day for the new york state sherrifs association summer camp. 140 kids between the ages of 8 and 12 visit camp i iriquois. >> a lot of these kids are from poorer neighborhoods. on saturdays they come and deputies pull -- put on their uniforms. they are a police officer and you are my friend. >> how important is it to form a good bond at this age? >> it is critical. when the kids can look at the police officer as their friend, they're not afraid to approach them if they know or hear something. >> law enforcement do demonstrations with police officers mounted on horses and with drug and bomb sniffing dogs. campers participate in water and land activities. >> we have fishing, can
. it's got an incredible pool in the backyard which is great for texas. two-car garage and a large driveway going into it. great for a first-time homebuyer or an empty nester who is downsizing. >> is it coppell, texas or coppell? >> coppell. >> coppell, texas. where is it in reference to, say, cowboy stadium? >> it's just north of cowboy stadium and it's right in between dallas and ft. worth. it's right in the center. >> very nice. second listing, 321 lyndsie drive. it sold for 420,000. five beds, three baths. 3,421 square feet. >> we listed it at 429. we ended up getting 12 offers when we closed the bids, and the house ended up selling for 420,500. >> you love to see that if you're an agent or an owner. 12 bids on your property and a bidding war. look at the space and the furnishin furnishings. that's beautiful. let's step it up a little bit. power house of the week. 309 stratford lane. listed at 1 million 9. five beds, five baths, two half baths. almost 7,000 square feet. you would call this a mansion. >> it is a mansion, and it's a beautiful estate. it's got a billiard room, a w
beltrÁn la llamada reina del pacÍfico estÁ en el paso texas un paso mÁs cerca de regresar a su natal mÉxico, hace semanas ella quedÓ en libertad en miami luego de cumplir una condena de 70 meses por ayudar a un importante narco, cristina londoÑo tiene mÁs >>> la resuluta ha sido inciert pero la llamada reina del pacÍfico estÁ en proceso de deportaciÓn a mÉxico, sandra leiva beltrÁn fue extraditada en estados unidos en agosto del aÑo pasado para enfrentar cargos de narco, pero se declarÓ culpable de ayudar econÓmicamente a su novio el colombiano considerado el enlace mÁs importante del car tel cartel de sliinaloa. el juez la declarÓ culpable y cumpliÓ 70 meses en prision. su abogado dice que fue llevada al paso previo a su traslado al regreso a su paÍs en las prÓximas 24 horas, ahora el estado de jalisco poco sdrdrÍan detenerla. >>> va a tener que comparecer ante el juez para que acreditar que no hay lavado de dinero cÓmo fue que obtiene esa riqueza. >>> la reina del pacÍfico en frenl enfrentarÍa nuevos cargos de narcotrÁfico y lavado de dinero en mÉxico, fio da
. >> sinkholes occur regularly in texas, new mexico, pennsylvania, kentucky, tennessee. a wide variety of places around the world, as well. >> reporter: look at this scene in toledo, ohio, from earlier this year. the driver was stuck in her car underground until the fire department finally rescued her. today, that spot has been paved over as if nothing ever happened. but it's florida's natural geology, its swiss cheese bed rom that's made the sink the most sinkhole prone in the nation. just this year alone, this week's collapse at a timeshare near orlando and not par north -- >> i came over and as i was walking out here, i stepped right here and my foot went down in the hole. >> reporter: while it may seem there's a sudden rash of sy sinkholes, it has more to do with geology than geography. >> sitting on a sinkhole. >>> still to come, what happened on the afternoon that 13 soldiers were shot and murdered by one of their own? tonight, a moment by moment account. but first, from the trial of major nidal hasan. >>> and how did hannah anderson not know her mother and brothered were murdered by her o
like texas, new mexico, pennsylvania, ken tucky, tennessee. >> reporter: look at this scene in ohio from earlier this year. the driver was stuck in her car underground until the fire department finally rescued her. today that spot has been paved over as if nothing ever happened. but it is florida's natural geology, swiss cheese-like limestone bed rock that made the statd the most sinkhole prone in the nation. not far north. >> i came over and as i was walking out here i stepped right here and my foot went down in the hole. >> reporter: while it may seem there is a sudden rash of sinkholes particularly in florida, brinkmann says it has more to do with geography than geology. for outfront, cnn miami. >> still to come, what happened on the afternoon that 13 soldiers were shot and murdered by one of their own? tonight a moment by moment account, the first from the major nidal hasan trial. >>> how much does it cost to raise a child? we have the exact shocking dollar amount tonight. plus the photos that led to this. >> abal put that camera down. you are fired. out. >>> you have seen clips
out by josh field to end it. a's lose it 2-1 and texas won tonight so the a's trail the rangers by two games in the al west. brutal. giants in washington, d.c. the sunsetting over the washington monument, beautiful. tim lincecum on the mound and this is not beautiful. when timmy leaves pitches up this is what happens. desmond, gone. 17th of the year and tied at 1. in the fourth, timmy wild pitch and run scores. giants trail it 5-1. lincecum allowed 6 runs in six innings. giants came back to within a run. hunter pense. a drive to left center and the diving catch to save the game as the giants lose their third in a row, 6-5 the final. if you want to laugh, go to our facebook page and read the comments about colin kaepernick's photo on the cover of the new "gq." in general, females commented about his abs. oh my goodness. and the guys are all writing, he has to get his head in the game and stop posing for photos. get your head in the game, colin. alex smith is coming for it on friday night. well, the chiefs are anyway. they are in pre-season. it is like a two-hand touch. anyway, here is k
outlook from south dakota going through te s texas. more thunderstorms possible in the forecast. all eyes on the south. very heavy rainfall and flooding. this is the current radar right now. i want to show you a couple things going on now. all this moisture that could come out of the golf. the reason we are talking about this is not just the stationary front. there's a 70% chance of development into the caribbean. it could go into the gulf and merge there with the stationary front that is already in place. if that happens, look at that tropical moisture. you are not talking about that spreading through georgia and the carolinas. not just florida. three to five inches. as much as eight inches of rain. we have been talking about places with record rainfalls already. >> you are not popular these days. >> i really am not. >> thank you. >>> what president obama did on the day of the raid that killed osama bin laden. have you heard this? have you seen this famous photo of the president when the raid was taking place? his former body man tells a lunch at the ucla the president wanted a distracti
. >> in the park in san francisco then to go back to mississippi or texas or whether we have escaped from. this is the only place on earth that we have so we have a special bloogs to maintain a sanctuary for lgbt people. i think this is the moment where the city is recognizing there's a problem and not all gay people are rich and thank you for your support >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm at lyric. i feel it's important for the commissioners to approve this as a former queer trans youth it's difficult four us i mean the queer and queer variant. when i was in the homeless shelter it was difficult i faced many prejudices. even when shelter say they address accident queer or the transgenders i know they don't. i notice a lot of any sisters from the age of 16 to 24 their subject to a lot of abuse and be it physical or verbal they suffer abuse in general. it's hard to exist in a closed-minded society. you're not seen as the person you are but whatever someone else knows you represent. so many of my sisters are forced out into the street to do prostitution or anyway to make
bars? >> i've been to a gay bar in dallas texas. >> stephen: wait, what? and i was very familiar with what goes on in a gay bar. >> stephen: what were you doing in a gay bar? >> i was tt gay bar to get a beer. i just walked into the place. i was just making... >> stephen: friends? my rounds. it just happened to be a case that said beer. >> stephen: gay bar? that's why i stopped. stephen: today it's this town but what if gay tolerance spreads to the rest of small town america? >> if gay tolerance spreads, yes, it would hurt everything in a bad way. >> i had five others who came up and they all said we want to be the next one. that was great. >> stephen: great if you like swimming in a lake of fire. >> homosexuals are sinners. without the lord jesus christ they're going to hell. >> stephen: so johnny cummings, have fun as mayor of hell. that's something these back woods bible thumpers can understand. >> god makes them born gay, why is he against it? it says in the bible. if he is against it, why did he make them born that way? i can't understand that. i've tried and tried and tried
district to put on a show, and that was steve stockman from texas. it had to be texas. >> stephanie: yeah. and of course, poor trayvon martin got dragged into this, how dare he say something about a dead unarmed teenager, and not defend the rodeo clown. i'm like what? the lacks a sense of humor, for not defending a menstrual show. >> not just a menstrual show, but who wants to see him trampled? >> stephanie: yeah. >> it's no difference than when we saw the gun shows selling the obama targets. >> stephanie: peggy noonan said the same thing. >> she is a rodeo clown too as far as i'm concerned. >> stephanie: there you go. [♪breaking news theme] >> stephanie: you gave us breaking news, twitter wins democratic nomination, you refer to cory booker, well-known tweeter. >> it is the first time that a social network has been elected to office. and hopefully it doesn't do a lot of rt, retweeting. but cory booker next senator from the great state of new jersey, and extremely low turnout, which was precisely what chris christie wanted. he didn't want to have to worry about the extra democrats turni
's outrageous and indefensive in missouri and the rest of the country is not apparently in the state of texas. yesterday steve stockman invited the black-faced rodeo clown to perform. "liberals want to bronco bust dissent, but texans value speech, even if it is speech they don't agree with." no one is calling for the the rodeo clown to go to jail but nobody is inviting someone who is decidedly -- i mean this is a decidedly like racially loaded move to wear a mask of the president and invite yourself to be run over by a bull. right? >> first of all, i am a texan and it is true that we appreciate free speech in texas. however, we also appreciate our rodeos and i have been to a fair number of rodeos and never in my life have i seen a racialized clown act. >> a minstrel show. >> an actual minstrel show that involves bulls and barrels and broncos. i mean it is unbelievable. it is, in fact, just one of many ways that this president has suffered sort of almost unprecedented levels of disrespect both for himself as a person but also for the office itself. and certainly, as jonathan said earlier, vote
perspective stands in stark contrast to what university of texas researchers found. >> u.s., civilian nuclear power plant are not protected against attacks from the air. they are not protected against attacks from the sea. they are not protected against rocket-propelled grenades. they are not protected against 50 caliber sniper rifles using armored piercing ammunition. which those are are the greatest threat. >> the industry says its tests show containment vessels can sustain a direct impact from a boeing 767. that contradicts findings by the u.s. national laboratory which found it would breech the containment vessel. so, shep, it boils down to who do you trust? >> doug mckelway live in washington. the u.s. military now announcing new steps to crackdown on sexual assaults within its ranks. the pentagon now reports it will allow commanders to transfer troops who ho are suspected of sex crimes to cut down on contact with their victims. this will also create a new program to provide legal representation to the victims and allow victims to have a say during the sentencing phase of a court martial
in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer that involved a gang of white supremacists that went on a killing spree and ended up shooting 3 people and killing one when he was a young lawyer working in the civil rights division. he later served as a top deputy for attorney general janet reno, he was special counsel to ted kennedy and served as the president's advisor on civil rights issues. he was also director for civil rights at the department of human health services. tom, you will find, is passion ate and committed to equality and justice for everyone. tom, more than anyone i know, makes every single day in his life matter, whether it's focused on anti-bullying work, voting rights, disability rights, housing rights, the eighth amendment, immigration, hate crimes or human trafficking. tom cares about all of those issues to his core and he works every day to make the world a better place. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome assistant attorney general
by josh field to end it. a's lose it 2-1 and texas won tonight so the a's trail the rangers by two games in the al west. brutal. giants in washington, d.c. the sunsetting over the washington monument, beautiful. tim lincecum on the mound and this is not beautiful. when timmy leaves pitches up this is what happens. desmond, gone. 17th of the year and tied at 1. in the fourth, timmy wild pitch and run scores. giants trail it 5-1. lincecum allowed 6 runs in six innings. giants came back to within a run. hunter pense. a drive to left center and the diving catch to save the game as the giants lose their third in a row, 6-5 the final. if you want to laugh, go to our facebook page and read the comments about colin kaepernick's photo on the cover of the new "gq." in general, females commented about his abs. oh my goodness. and the guys are all writing, he has to get his head in the game and stop posing for photos. get your head in the game, colin. alex smith is coming for it on friday night. well, the chiefs are anyway. they are in pre-season. it is like a two-hand touch. anyway, here is kaep on
, and his wife. judgment day -- you knew better. next is dave joining us from crockett, texas, good morning. caller: hello? yes, i would like to make a comment. you know, before time was ever recorded over in the middle east, then people have been fighting each other for years, thousands of years. and for the united states to think that they're going to send aid and change their way of living is complete idiocy. this government -- we have got so much wrong with our own country. ok, thank you for the call. from inside "usa today," in anticipation of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the march on washington, which will take place on august 28, the mlk memorial repair will not be finished, although work on fixing the quote does not an exact quote from dr. king will continue after the august 20 anniversary, and we will have life coverage from the ceremonies the weekend prior. and president obama, who is scheduled to deliver remarks on wednesday morning, august 28, to commemorate dr. king's remarks 50 years ago. clinical story from -- a ,"litical story from "politico hillary clinton is fielding o
in the country, new york, denver, maine, texas, florida, and the bay area. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome rebecca randell. >> great, thank you, melinda. i'm going to ask you all to come up now. as they get seated i'll say a few words. all these panelists really bring a great wealth of experience and wisdom to what on the one hand is actually a really complicated issue and on the other hand at its very core is somewhat simple. whether it's online or off-line, bullying and harassment or as the teens that we encounter at common sense media often say, drama, it's about power. as you heard the boy on the video say, i'm the big dog. who has it, who wants it and who wants to keep it. i realize this is an incredibly simple definition so i will leave it to our panel to pick it apart and to delve deeper. each of our panelists will have the opportunity to give a brief introduction of who they are and their organizations and after we've done the rounds i will pose a series of questions to eefrp of they will and then you will all have the opportunity to interact with them yourselves so we can hav
-1 and texas won tonight so the a's trail the rangers by two games in the al west. brutal. giants in washington, d.c. the sunsetting over the washington monument, beautiful. tim lincecum on the mound and this is not beautiful. when timmy leaves pitches up ns. desmond, gone. 17th of the year and tied fourth,in the fourth, timmy wid pitch and run scores. giants trail it 5-1. 6ecum allox innings. giants came back to within a run. hunter pense. a drive to left center and the diving catch to save the game as the giants lose their third ugh, go want to laugh, go to our facebook page and read the comments about colin kaepernick's photo on the cover of the new "gq." in general, females commented about his abs. oh my goodness. and the guys are all writing, he has to get his head in the game and stop posing for photos. get your head in the game, colin. alex smith is coming for it on friday night. well, the chiefs are anyway. they are in pre-season. it is like a two-hand touch. anyway, here is kaep on the man he replaced for the red and gold. >> he did a lot for me. alex helped me pick up the playbook and
. maybe in texas where it's a different culture that we saw in the movie that perhaps football is everything and if a child isn't good at sports they're an outcast. i would like to ask how or if addressing the cultural needs at each school how can we -- is this all one way of doing this, or do you feel there are different needs in different communities? and i think perhaps the law enforcement folks feel the cultures in the communities and see that come out in the adults. i would like to hear about how do you affect a culture and even in san francisco we have many cultures affecting what is valued, what is criticized. >> you know i think that richard touched upon this. it's a relationship of power and it's clearly going to differ from community to community; right. when i was telling you i was picked because because i didn't speak english or at all initially there were only about 5% of us that were hispanic in the school and wouldn't be the case if 95% are hispanic and english speaking as a second language, but i think the way that we can deal with the issue is we ought to fi
allows 1 run in 8-1/3 innings. and a's skipper bob melvin tossed arguing a call at third. texas won tonight, so the a's needed to win the game. giants in d.c., a beautiful sunset over the washington monument. when timmy leaves pitches up, this is what happens. ian desmond, it's a goner. we are tied at one more, bases loaded and a two-run double, nats up 3-1. later in the fourth on. wild pitch. giants trail 5-1. lincecum allows 6 runs in six nings.s. and belt singled and torres scored with two downs t giants trail 6-five. and runners at first and he could is, a drive to left center. have no fear, a diving catch to end the game. last year, that would have fallen and giants would have won. instead they lose the third trait, 6-5, washington the final. well, colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback is right there. on the cover of the gq magazine, as for his real job, the niners are getting ready for the second preseason game in kansas city, friday night, for kaepernick, it's facing alex smith who helped him prepare to play quarterback. >> he did a lot for me. alex helped me pick up the pl
. all you have to do is look at a-rod. he signed a $250 million contract for texas and came to new york and opted out of his contract and got a new $275 million contract. if you are looking up to a-rod as the player in baseball and that's who you want to be and make the money and coming from the dregs of latin america, the really poor communities and this is your way out -- >> it is gambling. even if you get busted you came outweigh ahead. you risk the shame for a couple hundred million dollars. >> a lot of these guys -- we are not talking about mensa members. they are going out there to use their body to make as much as they possibly can. they say if he can do it -- but there is a money angle to. the reason i believe major league baseball is so hard on these guys is because the more numbers they create the higher contracts go. if they can suppress the numbers the contracts are not going to go as high. don't think for one moment there is not that part of the equation associated with this. >> interesting point. we have to go. remember to check out boomer's foundation. it is
this is in california, florida, new york and texas. the nuclear proliferation project completed the report. >> is it tebo time in new england? >> scary moments for patriots fans. he goes down and he is clutching his knee. this happened during a joint practice with the tampa pay buccaneers. he walked off the field under his own power. doctors say he is listed day-to-day. he is expected to return to practice. it could mean more season time for tim tebow to celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday. >> check out these photos of a fire nado. also known as a fire whirl. it was in utah. the fire burned nearly 2,000 ashgs and destroyed 14 homes. they can be formed in one of two-ways. when a tornado spins too close to a forest fire or a heavy concentration of heat is generated in a small area. >> that is so interesting. i have never heard of that. >> folks in utah hoping for rain certainly. there are actually flooding fears across quite a few states. >> much of the southeast preparing for a heavy day. maria molina has all of the details. >> it has been a wet summer over parts of the southeastern u.s.
carolina and texas, or are there going to be adults in the party and say, we can't win this way by alienating hispanics, african-american voters, women voters. if the republican party is not willing to make that choice i think they'll just keep drift together right and they'll be in a world of hurt in the next several elections. >> michael: did they realize this? we realize it from without, and you and i, michael, talked about this a little bit. we don't want to let them in on the secret, but it seems they don't even know about it. >> i don't know, i think they do know about it. by the way, i second everything that david shuster said. it has been great fun to do this show. >> michael: thank you. >> you know, they know it, but there isn't that much that they can do about it, maybe. there are a couple of things they can do about it. they can nominate someone in 2016 who does have more appeal across ideological lines. that means, i suppose, that only means chris christie. it might mean jeb bush. those are the only two out of the bunch that is discussed that i could see have any cha
as move. here's what our fox affiliates outside the beltway are doing. ktbc in austin, texas, is following the trial of the accused ft. hood shooter. wsvn in miami is watching a tropical storm strengthen. here's a live look at los angeles from fox 11. they are following the sextorsion case of miss teen usa. that's a look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> a report by a nuclear industry watchdog group says reactors in the united states are v
parties republican stars, tim scott from south carolina looking at ted cruise in texas, marco rubio in florida, they have a lot of minority lawmakers b but that's much more easier said than done. >>> newt gingrich made a comment on it. he said they have zero ideas and they have to get beyond being aints obama. does he have a legitimate discussion here. >> he is never at a loss for being able to make news. he has a point. it is one where the republicans have been forced to repeal obama care and delay it. while republicans say they have their own alternatives, there isn't one that's so comprehensive that touches the health insurance reform and address people and how you're able to get almost or near universal coverage. because they don't have that and all the rhetoric is focused on what they're against. >> mark murray in washington, thanks so much joompt thanks, mara. >>> stocks opened up with the dough at 200 points. take a loose at them right now. weaker sales from two major companies and a jump in long-term interest rates. he's president of river twice research. thank you so much f
a hacker gerri: this next story is downright creepy. a couple in houston texas blast terrified after hearing a strange man cursing from there to year-old daughter's bedroom. when they ran in to see who had broken and it was coming from her baby monitor. that after had taken over began shouting at the parents calling the child by name for our next guest says everyday devices could wind up with the same fate joining me now is john, welcome back. this is so crazy and upsetting. when he said we will not repeat but it is gross. why would he do this? >> but the video feed coming from within the house they do it because they can and it is a challenge they love the thrill of control and because their plane sec -- played 67 anybody could hack into a baby monitor? >> it is probably a cliche to say it is taking candy from of baby food not have taken steps to protect that device is as easy as hackg anything else. gerri: what you would consider a personal device could be packednto with heart monitors, in plants these are all conneed to the web so you're always at risk of somebody have been in. >
because ultimately this is a work force the texas into the 24th century. we will be prepared to compete with asia, india, china, this whole idea that there will be pumping an engineer's. eight times as many people as we do. we need to focus on other things that we are quintessentially great that, creativity, diversity, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, not teaching the things. we are using computer systems to create conformity. gerri: that is going all over the place. thank you for coming on. interesting story, and i'm sure parents across the country will be sent, is that my school system? thank you so much. now we want to know what you think. here is our question. should computers dictate your child's reading list? bogdan. on the right hand side of the screen and we will share the results of the end of the show. amazing. time now for a look at the stories you're clicking on tonight. warnings of weaker sales from two major companies some of the stock market spiraling lower. cutting estimates. cisco systems have a weaker revenue forecast. there is also concern that the federal reserve could
, alabama and texas. morning fog along the west coast. >> another day of cooler than usual temperatures from west virginia to new england with highs in the 70s. honolulu, new orleans, miami all close to 90. >>> we've gotten the first little nugget of reaction from prince william about how things are going at home with a three-week-old son. >> it came yesterday at, of all places, a livestock and agricultural show in northern wales. william told the crowd little prince george is pretty loud and of course extremely good looking. >> in conversation he was overheard telling well wishers he and kate hope that george starts sleeping through the night sometime soon. [ baby crying ] >> diana knows all about this. >> thee weeks old. they've got quite a while to go. >> how are you doing? >> 10 1/2 months, he is great. he really is. my little guy. prince george has a long way to go. >> think he gets up and helps out. >> i do. >> baby's crying. >> i think that's why we are all enamored with that couple because they're so human. not like a real royal family. >> i would believe it if they said he did. >> i
demint. the 9 stop tour begins next monday in fayetteville, arkansas. texas, isof expected to join the tour in dallas. some of our follow-up to a caller from west virginia, had a question about those who won't be able to afford it, and how they are going to get healthcare coverage. this is about the tax credit p arart of the 2010 health care law. the average health insurance tax credit for obama care said to be $2700. they write that americans to buy health insurance outside their jobs can expect a tax cut of nearly $2700 to help them obtain the coverage on the new state insurance marketplace according to an analysis i've been nine partisan kaiser -- the non partisan kaiser family foundation. 26 million low and moderate income people will be eligible for the tax credits to pay for individual coverage on their state marketplaces. the shopping malls created by the affordable care act. that is from the mcclatchy newspapers across the country. back to another caller, a caller from north carolina, he was aski ng about finding out about health insurance in his state. this is from the sta
in texas, i think last year, there were about 5, 6,000 cases of west nile. about a third of them actually occurred, anybody from dallas? no takers. lucky for you. about a third of the cases last year occurred in dallas. we were able to use public health preparedness resources to help them with mosquito spraying and abatement efforts. example there. same thing you heard about the boston marathon, how we in conjunction with our partners the hospital preparedness program were able to get the community ready for that bombing and other such events. i could go on with sandy and influenza a, but just examples, this isn't abstract. this is what is going on in your communities every day to make sure that you're protected from public health threats. this is to give you the reality of the situation of what's happened to public health funding within your state and local health departments over the last decade. and, maybe coming off your comment i would like platinum level public health for all americans if we can arrange that moving forward. but you will see there has been over 40% decline in funding
diverse states agree including those from texas and arizona where american and usairways are based. one illustration of concern could be found at reagan national airport, where the resulting airline would account for 70% of all flights and control 63% of nonstop flights. that level of consolidation has passengers worrying about rates and routes. the airlines respond by saying, the merger would create more options for customers. i'm not holding my breath. it's because of the prior mergers that the usairways/american marriage would be challenged. this would create the world's largest airline, and we would be left with four airlines controlling 80% of the u.s. market for air travel. bigger rarely seems to be better. when i swap travel stories with friends and colleagues, no one seems to single out the giants for good service. more likely they'll reference jet blue, virgin, alaska airlines or even southwest. speaking of jet blue, that airline happens to lease half of its takeoff and landing slots at reagan from american airlines. and would thereforebe vulnerable. this dispute will probably
first-place texas in the west. and similar trouble for the giants. the giants put five runs on the board. but tim lincecum gave up six. national's outfielder denard span made a diving catch in deep center with two runners on base for the final out, and the washington nationals held off the giants 6-5. the giants will play one more against the nationals today before heading to >>erica: i want to alert you to a hot spot. a accident that popped up in the northbound direction of highway 101 at ride a university to read and palo alto, a stow vehicle hit the guard will but now that accident is blocking three lanes. emergency crews are heading to the scene right now. chp has no estimated time of when they hope to reopen those lanes. and i really don't think you will need to take an alternate route just yet. we will have more details coming up with that with kron4's george raft. meanwhile us take a look at the bridges. your approach to the your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is mold. san mateo bridge a little hazy but it's shaping up to be a typical commute as director without words foste
's been out in california, georgia, texas, going around the country not just with national groups but with state and local organizations that deal with different communities in having these meetings, but, yes, on a countless basis, on a daily basis, we are reaching out to communities that we traditionally have not been involved in in the past. >> newt gingrich also said the parties should be more about hope, more of a hopeful message comes from the gaop. i want to play part of that. >> we have to be a party of optimism and hope. part of what we have to do in the era of oh balm moo's disaster. we have to go beyond being an anti-obama but convince people you have to have hope in america. we can have a bitter future. >> how do you recommend if people get in line. like conservatives like ted cruz, how do you get through to somebody like them. somebody who is in d.c. threatening to shut down the government over the affordable health carability or steve king who called many young undocumented immigrants drug mules. >> one of the things we're doing right now at the meeting, we're highlig
-wide voter registration drive. texas, virginia, florida, and pennsylvania have all passed similar strict voerd i.d. laws, some of which are tangled up in the court system but if they prevail could indirectly disenfranchise minority voters. this is what paul had to say about voter i.d. speaking at howard university, a historically black college, back in april of this year. >> i think if you liken using a driver's license to literacy test, you demean the horror of what happened in the '40s and '50s, maybe probably from 1910 all the way through 1960s in the south. it was horrific. nobody's in favor of that. no republican is in favor of that. but showing your driver's license to have an honest lex i think is not unreasonable. >> but if senator paul is looking for evidence, he need not look any further than last november's 2012 election. according to a massachusetts institute of technology analysis, black and hispanic voters waited nearly twice as long to vote as whites. the long election day lines around florida may have turned away more than 200,000 frustrated would-be voters who gave up an
for inviting this guy to texas. >> the congressman, right. >> is because their real leader is rush limbaugh and sean hannity and mark levin. and these guys have all gotten behind the rodeo clown. so now they're afraid to call him out. >> krystal, that shows you why chris christie is in an awkward position. he addressed the rnc meeting today, and he took swipes at his gop opponents. he said, quote, about bobby jindal, i'm not going to go and be one of those people that calls our people stupid. and about senator rand paul, he said we are not a debating society. we're a political operation that needs to win. how does christie, who is arguably at least by the polls the most popular republican right now that is being projected toward a possible 2016 race. how does he navigate through all of this craziness and far right wing extremist kind of activity? >> well, i think the thing with chris christie is he is never afraid of a fight, and he is demonstrating clearly now that he is not afraid of a fight on his own turf with his own people. but the way that he is navigating right now is he is trying t
cards, more than a dozen hands of spades. kevin maddon, how do you relax? texas hold 'em, crazy 8s? >> i used to be a bit of a poker player but now that i have kids, i play slap jack. and i still lose. >> intentionally or -- >> no, these guys are good, they slap everything. >> this guy's got four sons. stay with us. n it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. it guides you to a number it guides you to a number that will change your life: your sleep number setting. it will give you the soundest sleep you've ever had. it's a bed so intuitive it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with the sleep number bed's dualair technology. at the simple touch of
defran which he is coe soto, professor from the university of texas, from lehigh university, professor james peterson. senator schumer sounds far less confident now that the house will pass a comprehensive bill. is it too soon to say good-bye to the kind of immigration reform that all of us got excited about and thought might well pass at some point over the period of this current president's tenure? >> while i'm still hopeful, martin, i think we're already past that point because the length of time they have, even in this bill, for the pathway to citizenship, i think for me is somewhat untenable, actually. i think it doesn't really get to the core of the issue and the challenges around undocumented folk in this country right now. i think senator schumer is probably dealing with the reality now of the kind of obstacle course that this kind of reform is going to actually require. and at the end of the day i'm hopeful that we'll get something out of it, but it seems to me that this bill is so much more about border protection and about borders than it is about what your real challenges a
mitzvah of all time. sam horowitz, age 13, dallas, texas. i want to dance and love and dance again ♪ ♪ i want to dance and love >> sam moves. sam can move. his parents obviously threw him a lavish bar mitzvah. >> yeah. >> that's a troupe of professional dancer performing a routine to a song he lives, choreographed, they blew it out for old sammy. >> they did. look at that. >> i love it. >> those gigantic lit up letters as you can see, spell out "sam." according to his mother he was inspired bay cheetah girls conce concert, i don't know what that means. that means something else in atlanta. >> right. >> where i used to live. there's a club down there. anyhow -- >> local knowledge. >> sam can really move. sam can move. here's another story, you may have heard about this, tlc special, i'm just going to lead the title as it stands, it's tlc brought it to us "the man with the 132 pound scrotum" this guy who had a terrible disorder. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> it was killing him. >> look at that. it just came out of nowhere. >> no way. >> just out of nowhere. got the problem fixed. >>
scene in texas. a shoplifter, you'll see her here. caught by police outside a store. drops the bag she had been carrying and makes a run for it. like frogger. darting across a ten-lane highway. in those cowboy boots. nearly struck several times by passing cars in the process. she is still on the loose this morning. >> wow. >>> and finally, just where does a 200-pound bear go to take a nap? wherever a 200-pound bear wants to. take a look. a homeowner, surprisingly, in south florida, shocked to wake up to find a large black bear on the porch, sound asleep. it's not the only rather brazen bear around. several others have been spotted in the greater naples area, leaving authorities to warn homeowners, be on guard. they're coming for food at this time of year. and, again, there's a spate, a rash of black bear sightings in naples, florida. >> naples is lovely this time of year. it's a great place for a nap. >> i report to inform. >> thanks. >>> we get to those new details now in the kidnapping of hannah anderson. newly-released search warrants reveal what was going on before she was abducted
inches of rain. we have a risk of strong storms from nebraska all the way into central texas. damaging winds, hail. could be isolated tornado or two. two. rest of the country you're going to see again sunshine here in the east. perfect weather into the new england. heat continues in the southwest. finally farming up in beautiful downtown burbank with a high of 88 degrees. yeah, i looked like that when i >>> oh, we love you, al. 8:07. taking a live look at what you can make outer hire in the city by the bay. plenty of low cloud cover, but i'm happy to report you're starting out the morning about 63 degrees in san francisco. and that means easily touching on the 70s, a lot of sunshine coming in by 10 a.m. 93 for livermore, 90 on the way to gillroy. pretty warm reading lining the peninsula, 84 for redwood city. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures stay nice and hot and then sunday into monday, the real heat kicks in. >>> that is your latest weather. >> okay, al, thanks. do you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare? you may need it if you're having kids. >>> and what e
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